This bulletin provides information relating to the replacement of the stop
lamp switch on
some 2007~2010MY Sportage (KM), 2007~2010MY Rondo (UN), 2007MY Sedona (VQ),
2010~2011MY Soul (AM), 2007 ~ 2011MY Sorento (BL/XM), and 2011MY Optima (TF)
vehicles within the production date ranges shown in the table on Page 2.
Carbonization of the point of contact for the stop lamp switch can intermittently interfere
with electric current through the switch circuit. As a result, one of the switch functions can
affect the vehicle’s brake lights and they may not come on when the brake pedal is depressed or may remain illuminated when the pedal is released.

To correct this condition, and improve customer satisfaction, Kia is launching this Safety
Recall Campaign to replace the stop lamp switch on all affected vehicles.

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