To improve customer satisfaction, Kia is launching this bulletin to apply
additional anti-corrosion protection to various vehicle underbody components
on some Sportage (KM) vehicles, built from June 24, 2004 through January 26,
2010. The affected vehicles are mainly those currently registered in states
where heavy amounts of road salt are used in the winter months. The 21
states which are known to use heavy amounts of road salt are: CT, DC, DE,
IA, IL, IN, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT, WI and WV.
In addition, those Sportage (KM) vehicles later registered in those states
shall also be entitled to the additional protection. Kia believes that such
additional protection can be helpful, especially in very high mileage
situations. Please remind all customers of the instructions in their Owner’s
Manual, as shown below, (2005-2008MY: Page 7-65 and 2009-2010MY: Page 7-64)
to regularly have the underbody of their vehicles washed when road salt is
being used in their area.
“Underbody maintenance
Corrosive materials used for ice and snow removal and dust control may
collect on the underbody. If these materials are not removed, accelerated
rusting can occur on underbody parts such as the fuel lines, frame, floor
pan and exhaust system, even though they have been treated with rust
protection. Thoroughly flush the vehicle underbody and wheel openings with
lukewarm or cold water once a month, after off-road driving and at the end
of each winter. Pay special attention to these areas because it is difficult
to see all the mud and dirt. It will do more harm than good to wet down the
road grime without removing it. The lower edges of doors, rocker panels, and
frame members have drain holes that should not be allowed to clog with dirt;
trapped water in these areas can cause rusting.”

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