Description: This bulletin provides a procedure to install an E-clip on the
shift lever pin to secure the shift cable to the shift lever.

The cable connecting the transmission range switch to the vehicle’s shift
lever pin may become disconnected. Symptoms can include inability to remove
the vehicle’s transaxle from the Park position or inability to place the
vehicle’s transaxle into Park position, preventing the vehicle from being
started. As a result of the shift cable being disconnected, the shift lever
can be moved into the Park position while the vehicle’s transaxle remains in
the last gear position prior to the cable becoming disconnected. If the
vehicle is not in the Park position and the parking brake is not applied,
there is a risk the vehicle will roll away as the driver and other occupants
exit the vehicle or anytime thereafter.

Applicable Vehicles: 2011-14 Sonata 2.0L and 2.4L (excluding Hybrid) with
automatic transaxles

Posted in Service Campaign.