This bulletin revises TSB 11-01-031 to include an important step (item-3
below) to the general procedure. This additional step is to warm up a cold
vehicle A/T with at least 5 minutes of driving before conducting the
important HEV calibrations of items 4-5 below. This update will help
optimize the effectiveness of TG5.

Description: This bulletin provides information related to the sequential
software update of the following six controllers: ECM, TCM, HCU, MCU, BMS
and LDC.

Applicable Vehicles: 2011 MY SONATA (YF) 2.4L Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

1. Automatic Mode ECU Update of 6 ECU sequentially as initiated from the
Engine System. NOTE: You must carefully monitor this because a 40-sec
initial ignition off reset after the ECM update is required, followed by
10-sec ignition off reset after each of the other 5 ECU updates.
2. Fault Code Searching for DTC stored and then All Erase. – page 6-7.
3. IMPORTANT: If the vehicle is cold you must perform a brief test drive for
at least 5 minutes to warm up the A/T Oil temp>30C before conducting the
below HEV calibrations:
4. Motor/HSG Resolver Calibration (in MCU system) – page-9-10.
5. E/C Fluid Pressure Calibration (in HCU system) (A/T Oil Temp 30-80C)

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