Brake Fluid Service

Brake Fluid

Inspection interval:

Brake Fluid should be inspected every 30,000 miles. Fluid level should be checked at every regular
scheduled maintenance intervals as it may need to be topped off.

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1. If I ignore it?

  • Can absorb moisture, decreasing its ability to work properly
  • Potential for rust and corrosion in the Brake System
  • Brake pedal will feel spongy and stopping power is reduced
  • Decreased driver safety due to decreased stopping power of the Brake System

2. If I take care of it?

    • Proper brake pedal feel is restored
    • Increased resistance to rust and corrosion
    • Increased pedal feel when applying the brakes
    • Increased driver safety due to a properly functioning Brake Systemhyundai brake fluid kia brake fluid brake fluid system leaking brake fluid