DS Brake Service

Brake Service


Modern vehicles have 4 wheel disc braking systems.  This includes 2 brakes pads and 1 brake rotor at each wheel location.  When braking the pads squeeze the brake rotor creating the friction needed to slow the vehicle, when the brake pedal is released the pad moves away from the rotor.   The brake pads travel back and forth in a channel called a Caliper Slide.  Brakes pads are designed to fit tightly in the caliper slides.  Over time rust and corrosion build up in the caliper slide causing the pads to seize up in the slide and prevent the Brake pads from disengaging the rotor.  Essentially the pads continue to rub the rotor while moving causing excessive heat buildup and leading to premature brake wear often you will notice this condition by inspecting the brakes and finding the brake pads had not worn evenly.   To prevent this from happening the manufactures have recommend removing the rust and corrosion and applying a lubricant to the caliper slides every 15000 miles.  This service will allow you to reduce brake wear and increase your fuel economy.

Steps to a brake service;

  • Remove wheel
  • Remove the caliper
  • Take pads out of the slide
  • Remove slide clips
  • Clean all surfaces with wire brush or cleaning wheel
  • Apply lubricates make sure to use a ceramic based lubricant
  • Reinstall all componates.