Transmission Service

Maintaining your transmission is possibly one of the most important things you can do for your engine. This is because repairing or replacing a transmission is one of the most expensive services you can have done for your vehicle. Transmisson fluid works lubricates the transmission, causing less friction, thus lowering its tempurature. Without it, the inside of the transmission can reach dangerous temperatures that can be damaging to this system.

The heat inside of the transmission causes the transmission fluid to break down over time, causing it to be less efficient.  Because of this, the transmission can reach damaging temperatures that can lead to a costly repair of even a replacement. To avoid this, it  is suggested to get your transmission serviced at specified intervals.

Traditional transmission service only drains and replaces about 40% of the total fluid in the transmission. Partial fluid replacement may lead to increased heat build up and transmission failure in the future.

At Dennis Automotive Service, we follow your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommended service interval to perform a complete transmission flush to remove all the fluid. Then, we replace it with new, clean transmission fluid. The result is a transmission that will be clean, cool and lubricated, providing reliable service for miles to come.

Ask a service advisor when your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends this maintenance.