Tune-Up Service

 Have you noticed a decrease in your vehicle’s gas mileage? Performance? Have your engine stalled while at a stop? Is there a knocking coming from under the hood of your car? Does your “Service Engine” or “Check Engine” light stay on after the initial start? If you answered yes to any one or more of these questions, it may time for a tune-up.

A Tune-Up is a regular service that is usually suggested to occur every 30,000 miles. It will improve your gas mileage, your vehicle’s performance, and prevent your vehicle from problems that may occur in the future.

A tune-up can consist of many services to your vehicles engine. These services may include replacing the feul filter, changing the spark plugs, adjusting the valves, checking the belts and replacing them if they’re worn, checking and replenishing the fluids in the engine, replacing the air-filter, servicing the battery, replacing the PCV valve, and more if necessary.  All these services with improve your vehicle and make it more enjoyable for you to drive.

At Dennis Automotive, we can provide the services necessary to “tune-up” your vehicle and prevent any other problems from happening in the future.